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I’m Daniel Duran.  I started off with a small flip camera making home movies with my kids and found out I REALLY enjoyed it.  So your event, wedding, commercial or project isn’t work to me.  It’s what I love to do.

I’ve found other people who love what they do as well, and they just happen to be family.



My identical twin brother.  What more is there to say!  He has a detailed eye and extensive knowledge in A/V. He has run sound for churches, concerts and knows the ins and outs of almost any sound system; which is handy when trying to capture live audio. We love working together but as our business has grown he has helped by leading his own team of cinematographers when needed.


My amazing wife! I met Tesia in 2013 and by 2015 she was already becoming a well versed cinematographer. She started helping full time in 2016 and provides a unique view on our films.  She is my sounding board and puts up with my endless "camera gear" talk. Her shots can be found littered throughout all of our videos, and I'm so lucky to work next to her!


She picked up a camera when she was 12 and hasn’t set it down.  A social media expert and photographer at heart, she's helped us keep up with trends and has been a welcome part of our team!  It's such a joy to work next to a niece and see her share the same passion you do. During our busy season, her Adobe editing skills have allowed me to turn around our videos at a much quicker pace.

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