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There are a lot of ways to capture a wedding video.  From the uncle with a camcorder, to a staged production that includes re-takes of your end-of-ceremony kiss. We like to think of ourselves somewhere in the middle. While we don’t mind getting in the middle of the action, we also appreciate the raw emotions and “firsts” of your wedding day. Staying behind the photographer as they illicit genuine smiles and behind your friends cellphones as they take the first selfie with the newlyweds. Whatever your style is, we will do our best to make it happen.


We've done our best to accumulate the latest gear while keeping a small footprint, and want to be able to pick up and move quickly to catch every moment of your day. We've invested in additional equipment that allows us to get nice sweeping shots, sliding shots, and drone shots all while trying to stay as inconspicious as possible.  


Our Wedding package ensures no major memories are missed.

We start our package at 7 hours, and in most cases that captures the best part of the bride and groom getting ready and takes us to the reception festivities. We do want to make sure there isn't anything missed, so please let us know your wedding day schedule and we will work with you to make sure your day is well captured. 


From the begining, we fell in love with the shots we got when couples didn't know we were filming. Flower girls hugging and admiring the beautiful bride and genuine laughter amongst the groom and his groomsmen. We aim to capture as many of those as possible.  Of course at times some staging and positioning is needed, but we try to do our best to only do so when necessary.  


We've built a package that we think will meet all your needs. Some couples know exactly what they want, but the majority just want their day captured.  We provide a quick social media edit (instagram/facebook) that allows your family and friends to see a 1 minute glimpse of your wedding day (a few days after your wedding). A highlight video is a comprehensive yet fast paced 10 minute overview of your amazing day. The ceremony and toast video allows you to watch the longer parts of your wedding day in their entirety.

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